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Mac Liquid Damage Repair


Let’s face it. We tend to use Mac laptops almost anywhere in home from bedroom to dining room to kitchen table.

Result is Liquid damage. Liquid damage can be of Water, Coffee, Drink or anything. We have seen even cats and dogs liquid damage Mac book pro's.

 Now the second problem is if you are still under warranty from apple then bad news is Apple will not honor warranty and will demand fortune to repair your Mac. In other words Apple will discourage you to repair this is Mac and encourage you to buy New Mac.

    Good news is that Toronto Mac Repair is here to help you. We have helped thousands of customers In repairing their Liquid damage Mac book Pro's at much cheaper  price than quoted by Apple successfully We have established our reputation with highest success rate in Toronto.


Word of Advice

If your Mac sustained Liquid damage then

  • Immediately turn off you Mac.

  • If the liquid spilled through the keyboard then keep  Your Mac upside down.

  •  Immediate take your Mac to any service centre to check it out.

  •  Do not keep your Liquid damage MAC in Rice etc.

  •  The more quickly you take your MAC to Mac repair centre less will be damage.

  • Avoid Mac repair shops which demand upfront Fees to check your Mac and also if they demand ridiculous repair charges


In case of liquid damage call us immediately       Ph:416-278-9058


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