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 Macbook Pro Repair

We deal in all types of Mac Repairs from complicate­d Logic board repairs to hardware/s­oftware issues such as failed hard drives.We support all make & Models of Macbook Pro including 13" ,15" and 17" from 2006 - 2018.

We also repair latest Retina Macbook Pro's both 13" and 15" versions


We provide complete and comprehensive solutions for Apple Family Products. Our technicians are certified by Apple and are highly experienced with guaranteed success rates with repairs. One of our Apple Certified Macintosh Technician's will be assigned to you to troubleshoot and solve complex hardware and software issues you are facing with your MacBook Pro

Apple Macbook Pro 13", 15" ,17" (2008-2017)Logic board related repair

No Power / No Chime
No Battery Charging /Not seeing battery
No Video / Dim Video/Distorted Video

One or Both USB Ports  Not working
Slow /Sluggish performance 
Wifi Card not detected or connecton problem
Other issues related to Logic Board

Random Shutdowns and Freezing

Apple Macbook Pro Liquid Spilled or Impact damage Repair

Apple Macbook pro experienced any kind of Liquid spill like Water,Juice,coffee ,Drink, Wine  will need very urgent attention.

In contrast to popular idea of leaving the liquid damage Macbook Pro in rice for several days or weeks which in fact is very harmful to your Macbook Pro and can cause rusting on the logic board which may lead to a Non repairable Logic Board

Mac issue related to Hard Disk Drives

Slow Operation/frequent spinning wheels

Shuts down while startup loading OS

Failed Hard Disk and frequent errors

Folder Icon with question Mark




Macbook Pro Video Card Related issues

Video/Graphic Card related issue are most common in 2011 15" and 17" Macbook Pro's

  • Failed OS Loading

  • White/Black screen

  • Distorted/Scrambled screen

  • Frequent crashes while watching videos or performing graphic related tasks

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