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Mac LCD  Screen Replacement


Replacing a broken Macbook Pro front glass display or cracked inner LED Screen of your Macbook Pro Retina, Toronto Mac Repair offer free assessment for Macbook Pro screen issues.


We replace Macbook book Pro front glass  with a brand New parts at a lower price from $95.


For Unibody design Macbook Pro, removal of the front display glass is required in order to access the inner LED Screen Panel.


Screen Issue, for examples:


  * Cracked screen or broken screen
  * Vertical lines or Horizontal lines
  * Grey screen or Black screen
  * Dark Screen or no backlight
  * Flickering screen


 Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air  Display Screen Replacement


                              Mac                                                                                     Mac Screen Type                                                                     Price


   Front Glass                                                        Macbook Pro 13 inch                                 $95

                                                                            Macbook Pro 15 inch                                 $99

                                                                            Macbook Pro 17 inch                                 $110


   LED Screen                                                       Macbook Pro 13 inch  A1278                      $199              

                                                                            Macbook Pro 15 inch  A1286                      $225

                                                                            Macbook Pro 17 inch  A1297                      $275


 *Display Assembly                                               Macbook Pro 13 inch  A1278                      NA

                                                                            Macbook Pro 15 inch  A1286                      NA

                                                                            Macbook Pro 17 inch  A1297                 NA



 *Display Assembly                                          Macbook Pro 13 inch   A1425/A1502            $450


                                                                        Macbook Pro 15 inch  A1398                       $550












 * Display Assembly                                     Retina  Macbook Air 11 inch  A1465/A1370        $250      


                                                                   Retina  Macbook Air 13 inch  A1466/A1369        $390







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