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Macbook Pro, Macbook Air Keyboard /Trackpad Repair | Replacement



Keyboard Related Issues:


 If your  Mac keyboard facing any of these problems, there is a very good chance we can help you:


   * Broken off a key or two
   * Missing key
   * The keys not to register a letter or a number
   * Sticky keys due to water damage


We help you to repair / replace your broken or faulty Mac keyboard at a lower fixed price from $99 and touchpad / trackpad from $115.



Trackpad Related Issues

If you are experiencing following symptoms with track pad of your Mac then you may need repair /Replacer Track pad


  • Trackpad when the Click is Not Working or Click and Drag Not Working

  • Cursor not responding to Trackpad

  • Cursor jump around erratically on the screen

  • Stuck Trackpad

  • Physically broken / Cracked Trackpad

 Our experienced Technicians can help you repalce /repair the trackpad very quickly  from  a Flat Fee of $99

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