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Apple Mac Logic Board Repair


The symptoms of a failing or defective logic board varies in nature and may show some early signs.

Generally a defective logic board can cause following issues with macbook Pro / Macbook Air

  • Completly Dead Mac with No charging light.Battery not charging

  • Charging light comes on and Battery charges but Mac does not Power On

  • Mac WIFI Related issues

  • Graphic related issues including DIM or No display

  • Liqiuid Spill Damage( water,Beer,Wine,Coffee spill)

  • Mac external Ports related issues

  • Mac Not detecting power adapter.Works only with Battery

  • Mac Not detecting charger.Works only with Power Adapter

Apple Macbook Pro Retina Version Logic Bard
Apple Macbook Pro  15" A1278( Non Retina Logic Board

We help you to repair or replace your faulty Mac Logic Board in low fixed price from $250

AppleMacbookm pro 13" A1278  Logic Board
Apple Macbook Air A1369Logic Board


 Mac Logic board repair service
* Diagnose your Mac find the cause of problem                                                                                     From $250
* Repair the old logicboard or replace the logicboard


                                                                      Service Description                                                                                 Price


* Fixed price is subject to inspection
* Price quotation include Parts and labor. Taxes are not included unless otherwise specified
* No cost if we can’t fix your board

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