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macbook repair
MacBook Pro retina repair
mac mini repair toronto
macbook pro repair toronto
macbook air repair toronto



Problems / damage we can fix

At Toronto Mac Repair we can fix nearly every conceivable issue with your Apple device including:

Replacement or repair of cracked or damaged screens, repair of faulty or damaged circuitry including repairing damaged or broken sockets, repair or replacement of damaged keys, cracked or damaged cases, faulty hard drives and DVD drives, troubleshooting and repairing power issues including faulty batteries and water / liquid spills to name a few.

Apple / Mac devices we can repair

 We  can repair most Apple / Mac devices including:

 MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air,  iMac, MacMini,  iPad


We offer a FREE assessment on all Computers and laptops

100% guaranteed repairs

All hardware repairs undertaken by Toronto Mac Repair come with a 3-6 month guarantee. If for any reason a hardware repair fails within 3 months of the repair work being undertaken, we will fix the problem again for FREE.


Quality Assurance

Broke your Apple device?Ffreezes unexpectedly times? Can't use it properly? We guarantee you that our well-trained team of technicians can put your device back to working order.

Apple MacBook Pro  Macbook Air Services
  • ​Mac Liquid Damage Repair

  • Mac Battery Replacement

  • Mac DC-In Board Replacement

  • Mac Display Replacement

  • Mac Fan Replacement

  • Mac Front Glass Replacement

  • Mac Hard Drive Replacement

  • Mac Heat Sink Replacement

  • Mac LCD Replacement

  • Mac Speaker Replacement

  • Mac Logic Board Replacement

  • Mac Lower Case Replacement

  • Mac Microphone Replacement

  • Mac Optical Drive Replacement

  • Mac RAM Replacement and Upgrade

  • Mac Upper Case Replacement



We fix EVERY ISSUE for ALL Apple products like MacBook, iPhone, iPad, iMac, iPod and everything else. 


Below are some of the services we provide:



Screen Replacement from $129 + GST


Glass Replacement from $199 + GST


LCD Replacement from $129 + GST


Hard Drive Repair from $129 + GST


Data Recovery from $89 + GST


Keyboard Replacement from $89 + GST


Battery Replacement from $99 + GST


Superdrive Replacement from $149 + GST


Liquid/Water Damaged MacBook Repair from $189 + GST


Unlocking/Restoration/Password Removal from $89 + GST


Camera Replacement from $89 + GST


Microphone Replacement from $89 + GST


Speaker Replacement from $89 + GST


Fan Replacement from $89 + GST

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