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 PC  Repair Toronto


Call: 416-278-9058

We repaire all Make and Models of Desktops and Laptops

ps3 repair toronto
xbox360 repair toronto

Sony Playstation3 (PS3) Repair


                    PS3 YLOD (Yellow Light of Death) / Blinking red light

  Freezing issues

 Blue Ray DVDs not being read

 No Power / No Video

 Overheating / Freezing issues

 Disk drive being stuck / Open tray

 No WIFI / Bluetooth

 Dead hard drive

 Laser alignment / replacement


Fan Upgrades

Microsoft XBOX360 Repair

1, 2, 3 Red Ring of Death

E-71, E74/ E68 / E64 Error Fix
No Video Output:
Drive tray getting stuck?
Lines on screen
Game Read Errors?

Open Tray Error

Tray Stuck
Disc Drive Replacements
Cooling Upgrades

Fan Upgrades


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